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Cladonia furcata is a species of lichen in the family Cladoniaceae. It has an intermediate to tolerant air pollution sensitivity. Extracts of this species have been shown to kill leukemia cells in vitro, and may have possible value in the treatment of cancer Cladonia furcata subsp. subrangiformis (Sandst. Ascomycota - Lecanoromycete - Lecanorales - Cladoniaceae Dans la subsp. furcata on distingue plusieurs types morphologiques (morphotypes) Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata morpho. corymbosa. Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata morpho. pinnata Normally Cladonia furcata has a non-persistent primary thallus and the podetia develop rather quickly, within a few months of the start of squamule development. Often rudimentary podetia can be seen on young squamules and the podetia may persist for several years before they finally develop apothecia In heathland, heathy turf, amongst rocks and on dunes, widespread and common, but easily overlooked amongst other Cladonia species. Care is sometimes needed to separate C. furcata from the related C. rangiformis, but that species forms more richly branched, whitish-grey, erect tufts and has more conspicuous green areolar patches on the podetia

Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad., 1794 We're sorry, but GBIF doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Our website has detected that you are using an outdated insecure browser that will prevent you from using the site Stephen Sharnoff's Lichen Photos - Cladonia furcata; The Lichen Herbarium, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway (Photo Gallery) - Cladonia furcata; Flechtenbilder (Lichen Images) by Ulrich Kirschbaum - Cladonia furcata; British Lichens (photo by M. Sutcliffe) Cladonia furcata; Lichen Gallery of Leif & Anita Stridvall - Cladonia. [Cladonia furcata var. pinnata (Flörke) Vain., more ] Stephen Sharnoff . Open Interactive Map. Troy McMullin . Jason Hollinger . Stephen Sharnoff.

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Cladonia furcata (western form) 14 On mossy soil. From Olympic National Forest, Washington. Cladonia furcata (western form) 15 On mossy rock. From coastal northern Washington. Cladonia furcata (western form) 16 close to C. scabriuscula On mossy sand. From Lanphere-Christiansen Dunes, northern California. Sharnoff Photos Home Page. Back to: Lichens Index 3. Go to: Cladonia gracilis: Lichens. Cladonia furcata. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Domain: Eukaryota • Regnum: Fungi • Phylum: Ascomycota • Subphylum: Pezizomycotina • Classis: Lecanoromycetes • Subclassis: Lecanoromycetidae • Ordo: Lecanorales • Familia: Cladoniaceae • Genus: Cladonia • Species: Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. 1794 Vernacular names. Cladonia (du grec klados « rameau », allusion aux ramifications du thalle secondaire de certaines espèces) est un genre de champignons lichénisés comportant de très nombreuses espèces. Il s'agit toujours de formes dressées et essentiellement terricoles, c'est-à-dire se développant sur un sol (1794), il est une espèce de lichen appartenant à genre cladonia, dell 'ordre Lecanorales. Le nom vient de latin en retard furcatus sens semblable à une fourche, pour le grand nombre de bifurcations où bifurque Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata morpho. corymbosa est de couleur claire, à podétions dressés et robustes, avec de nombreuses apothécies brunes

Cladonia furcata is a lichenized species of fungi in the Cladoniaceae family. It has an intermediate to tolerant air pollution sensitivity. [ 1 ] Extracts from this species have been shown to kill.. Media in category Cladonia furcata The following 21 files are in this category, out of 21 total. Botanical Garden Gothenburg and Anggårdsbergen 13.08.2017 Cladonia furcata (37195058726).jpg 5,184 × 3,456; 5.33 M

Cladonia furcata. Règles du forum Tous les lichens. Répondre. 20 messages • Page 1 sur 2 • 1, 2. Cladonia furcata. de patrice » 27 Avr 2009 21:49. Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. ssp. subrangiformis auct. N. Am. CLHE3: Cladonia herrei Fink ex J. Hedrick: CLSU14: Cladonia subrangiformis auct. N. Am. Classification. Click on a scientific name below to expand it in the PLANTS Classification Report. Rank Scientific Name and Common Name; Kingdom : Fungi - Fungi Division: Ascomycota - Sac fungi Class: Ascomycetes Order: Lecanorales Family. Cladonia rangiferina est l'une des espèces de lichens connues sous les noms de lichen des rennes ou lichen des caribous.Il s'agit d'une espèce fruticuleuse, formant au sol de grands tapis blanchâtres buissonnants.Au sein du genre Cladonia, il appartient à un groupe d'espèces dépourvues de thalle primaire, autrefois rassemblées dans un genre à part (Cladina) Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata (Huds.) Schrad., 1794. 13 données. 8 communes. NC Non calculé . 8 mailles Lambert93 10 km. 2 % territoire maillé. 10 mailles Lambert93 5 km. 0.62 % territoire maillé. Synthèse. Chargement des informations... Aucun statut de protection et/ou de patrimonialité pour cette espèce. Chargement des informations... Répartition en France métropolitaine Accéder.

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Cladonia furcata. Règles du forum Tous les lichens. Répondre. 20 messages • Page 2 sur 2 • 1, 2. Re: Cladonia furcata. de Andr é » 04. Cladonia furcata agg. UKSI Download child taxa of Cladonia furcata agg. Download species of Cladonia furcata agg. Search for child taxa of Cladonia furcata agg. Classification unranked Biota kingdom Fungi phylum Ascomycota subphylum Pezizomycotina class Lecanoromycetes subclass Lecanoromycetidae order Lecanorales. Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad., 1794. 19 données. 9 communes. NC Non calculé . 9 mailles Lambert93 10 km. 2.24 % territoire maillé. 12 mailles Lambert93 5 km. 0.75 % territoire maillé. Sous espèce(s) : Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata. Synthèse. Chargement des informations... Aucun statut de protection et/ou de patrimonialité pour cette espèce. Chargement des informations. Cladonia furcata f. fissa Flörke | Cladonia furcata var. corymbosa (Ach.

Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad., 1794 . Classe : Lecanoromycetes Ordre : Lecanorales Famille : Cladoniaceae Genre : Cladonia. 1 taxon(s) inférieur(s) agrégé(s) sur cette fiche × Taxon(s) agrégé(s) sur cette fiche. Nom Vernaculaire Nom scientifique Protection Observations Fiche - Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata : 1 : 1 observation 1 commune 1 observateur Première observation 2016. Cladonia furcata. Media. Cladonia furcata 1. Cladonia furcata 1. Cladonia furcata 2. Cladonia furcata 2. Cladonia furcata 3. Cladonia furcata 3. Cladonia furcata 1. Cladonia furcata 2. Cladonia furcata 3. Home; All Fungi; Lichens; Non-lichenized; BLS New Reports; Projects & Surveys; Literature; Host Lists; Plant Health; Conservation ; Lost & Found Fungi; Scratchpads Policies; Except where.

Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. Taxonomic Serial No.: 189900 (Download Help) Cladonia furcata TSN 189900 Taxonomy and Nomenclature Kingdom: Fungi : Taxonomic Rank: Species : Synonym(s): Common Name(s): Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: accepted Data Quality Indicators:. Cladonia furcata subrangiformis; Species 1 present 2020-09-28 12:47: Christoph Lünterbusch BRD - Grafschaft Bentheim - Missionsgymnasium und Kloster Bardel (DE) unknown Directions. 1 photos directions. GPS 52. Cladonia furcata. Cladonia furcata photo by Ray Showman. Cladonia furcata and Pleurozium schreberi moss photo by Bob Klips. DIAGNOSTIC FEATURES: Tangled cushions; brownish tint; squamules on podetia; entirely corticate; podetia P+ red. A variable species, from coarse forms with stout, torn, and fissured branches, to slender graceful forms with relatively few branchlets. Always with brownish.

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  1. é : Sexe: indéter
  2. Retrieved from https://species.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cladonia_furcata_subsp._furcata&oldid=777757
  3. Cladonia furcata. espèce 1 présent 2020-04-07 15:07: Jan Van den Berghe Mol - SCK-omgeving (AN) accepté (avec preuves) Itinéraire. 2 réactions 2 photos itinéraire. GPS 51.2166, 5.0940 Lambert 1972.

I spent the summer traveling. I got halfway across my backyard - Louis Agassiz, Swiss Naturalist All images © Field Botanists of Ontario and may not be used for. Cladonia furcata és una espècie liquenitzada de fong dins la família Cladoniaceae. Pel que fa a la tolerància a la contaminació de l'aire té una sensibilitat intermèdia. Els extractes d'aquesta espècie s'ha demostrat que maten les cèl·lules de la leucèmia (in vitro) i poden tenir un valor en el tractament del càncer Distribution maps for all the British species of lichens and lichenicolous fungi are available here. These are generally more up to date than those on the NBN Atlas, and in time we also hope to add detailed species accounts Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. Mosses and Lichens Cladoniaceae Cladonia Cladonia furcata Show related species. subspecies; Cladonia furcata subrangiformis; Species Details; Observations; Maps; Photos; Sounds; Statistics; On/in; Names; I've seen this species!.

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Au sein du genre Cladonia, il appartient à un groupe d'espèces dépourvues de thalle primaire, autrefois rassemblées dans un genre à part (Cladina). C'est un lichen répandu dans les régions froides et tempérées des deux hémisphères Cladonia furcata is a member of the lichen genus Cladonia growing mainly on grassland, sand hill and woodlands . Metal accumulation of lichens is strongly depended on pH and generally, optimum metal binding has been found at around pH 5. At lower pH values than 2 metal binding is observed as little for most metal ions. This strong metal binding ability of lichens makes them potential biomass. Posts about Cladonia furcata written by cladoniarium. During my lichenological explorations in the Val di Scalve valley (province of Bergamo, Lombardy) I visited several times one of its most beautiful localities: the Vivione Pass (Passo del Vivione), which connects the upper Val di Scalve with the upper Val Camonica (province of Brescia) by means of a breakneck road between Schilpario and. cladonia subrangiformis L. Scriba ancien Sandst. (1924), il est une sorte de lichen appartenant à genre cladonia, dell 'ordre Lecanorales.Selon certains chercheurs, cette espèce est tout à fait distincte de C. rangiformis et C. furcata, bien que moins répandu d'entre eux, il est présent dans la quasi-totalité de l'Italie.. Le nom vient du préfixe sub-sens dessous, au sens de ont des. In this study we assessed the degree of copper (Cu) tolerance in two common lichen species (Cladonia furcata and Cladina arbuscula subsp. mitis) that grow on both uncontaminated substrata and the surface of waste heaps from abandoned old Cu-mines. Regardless of their locality, populations of these lichens contain identical strains of photobionts (Asterochloris clade A in C. arbuscula subsp.

Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata var. pinnata (Flörke) Vaïn. Synonymes : Famille : CLADONIACEAE Habitat : Ubiquiste Description. Diffère du type par ses podétions dressés munis de nombreuses petites squamules plus ou moins échelonnées sur toute leur hauteur. Apothécies très rares. Taxon forestier venant sur l'humus acide. Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata var. pinnata Corse Forêt de. Champignons et lichens des Pyrénées-Orientales et régions limitrophes. Entrez. Les webmasters, Jean-Louis Jalla et Serge Poumara Cladonia furcata (Hudson) Schrader = Cladonia furcata (Hudson) Schrader ssp. subrangiformis auct. N. Amer. = Cladonia herrei Fink ex J. Hedrick = Cladonia palamaea (Ach.) Fink = Cladonia subrangiformis auct. N. Amer Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata morpho. furcata (7) Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata morpho. corymbosa (1) (Vaucluse, 84) Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata morpho. corymbosa (2) (Vaucluse, 84 Response of lichens Cladonia arbuscula subsp. mitis and Cladonia furcata to nitrogen excess Article (PDF Available) in Biologia 71(6):632-638 · June 2016 with 132 Reads How we measure 'reads

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Cladonia foliacea subsp. foliacea : 4 - Cladonia ramulosa : 3 - Cladonia furcata : 6 - Cladonia humilis : 3 - Cladonia coniocraea : 11 - Cladonia rangiferina : 1 - Cladonia subulata : 3 - Cladonia symphycarpia : 1 - Cladonia rangiformis : 17 - Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata : 12 - Cladonia chlorophaea : 26 - Cladonia fimbriata : 24 - Cladonia. Cladonia section cladina fournit la nourriture des rennes dont on connaît le panache et la rugosité. Le genre Cladonia comprend de nombreuses espèces en France : une listepeut vous en persuader, tirée elle-même, d'une base française comportant environ 3800 lichens Cladonia pleurota - <p><i>Cladonia pleurota</i> (Flörke) Schaerer, 1850 </p> <p>Photograph of a herbarium specimen taken through a dissecting microscope, x16. </p> <p>These specimens were growing on an old piece of cotton cloth in a woodland in the vicinity of Deer Park Road S of the entrance to the Visitor Center at the Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area, Owings Mills. Cladonia P. Browne - cup lichen Species: Cladonia gracilis (L.) Willd. - cup lichen Subspecies: Cladonia gracilis (L.) Willd. ssp. turbinata (Ach.) Ahti - cup lichen Subordinate Taxa. This plant has no children Legal Status. Wetland Status. Interpreting Wetland Status. Related Links. Wildlife . Food. Source Large Mammals. Cladonia furcata (Cladonie) FUNGI (FUNGI) Ascomycota (Ascomycètes) Lecanoromycetes (Lécanoromycètes) Lecanorales (Lécanorales) Cladoniaceae (Cladoniacées) Cladonia (Cladonie) Médias × Fourni par . Fourni par . Télécharger l'image Description - thalle primaire aplati, thalle secondaire branchu, atteignant 10 cm de haut - coloration variable : de l'olive-grisâtre au brun-gris, parfois.

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Cladonia rangiformis est un des rares lichens à avoir une saveur douce, contrairement au gout très amer de Cladonia furcata avec qui on pourrai le confondre. Réactions chimiques : P-, K+ légèrement jaune, C-, KC-Photos Joseph Bartolome . Mais voilà, certains spécimens sur le même biotope ont des grosses apothécies, ce qui n'est indiqué dans aucunes descriptions, pourtant tout le. Lichens à thalle complexe : Cladonia foliacea, Cladonia furcata ssp subrangiformis, Cladonia rangiformis, Cladonia coniocraea, Cladonia chlorophaea. Lichens fruticuleux : Evernia prunastri, Pseudevernia furfuracea, Ramalina farinacea, Ramalina fraxinea, Anaptychia ciliaris, Usnea hirta. Melanohalea exasperata Merci à Régis Krieg-Jacquier de nous avoir déterminé les oiseaux du secteur (vus.

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Cladonia furcata is an extremely variable species and many infraspecific taxa have been described to accommodate the different morphotypes; Sandstede (1931) listed not less than five varieties and 14 forms for C. furcata (exclusively subsp. subrangiformis), and Grummann (1963) mentioned two varieties and eight lower categories for Germany. Most of these forms are almost certainly not. Cladonia furcata polysaccharide induced apoptosis in human leukemia K562 cells. Lin X(1), Cai YJ, Li ZX, Liu ZL, Yin SF, Zhao JC. Author information: (1)Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Lanzhou Medical College, Lanzhou 730000, China

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  1. Taxon name MycoBank # Authors (abbreviated) Year of effective publication Name status; Cladonia furcata: 382853 (Huds.) Schrad. 1794: Legitimate: Cladonia furcata f. adspers
  2. Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. Images from the web. Quick facts. Threat status Europe: Not evaluated (IUCN) Natura 2000 species code 5494: The EUNIS species component has very limited information about this species. The main focus of the EUNIS species component is to provide relevant information about the European species protected by Directives, Conventions and Agreements. The species.
  3. Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. Cladonia furcata, Lichens (Villers-la-Ville, Brabant wallon, Belgique - 30/06/2008 - Photographie originale réalisée par Eric Walravens). Cladonia furcata, Lichens (Villers-la-Ville, Brabant wallon, Belgique - 13/07/2008 - Photographie originale réalisée par Eric Walravens). Cladonia portentosa (Dufour) Coem
  4. Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad., Spicilegium Florae Germanicae: 107 (1794) [MB#382853

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Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. species Accepted Name authority: UKSI Establishment means: Native. Overview; Gallery; Names; Classification; Records; Literature; Sequences; Data Partners + Online Resources. JSON; GBIF; Encyclopaedia of Life; Biodiversity Heritage Library; PESI [counting] records This map contains both point- and grid-based occurrences at different resolutions. Analyse data. Current conservation status. 2018 | Not Threatened | Qualifiers: SO. Back to top. Home; Flora; Threats; Ecosystems; Publications; Conservatio

Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. is a terricolous desiccation-tolerant lichen with a green algal photo-biont (Trebouxia). The numerous upright podetia, 20-30 mm tall, give the plant a fruticose habit. Cladonia convoluta (Lam.) P. Cout., also terricolous and with Trebouxia as photobiont, belongs to the group of Cladonia with well-developed basal squa- mules, and has no podetia. Tortula ruralis. Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata : 7 - Cladonia ochrochlora : 3 - Cladonia macilenta : 4 - Cladonia foliacea : 1 - Cladonia cornuta subsp. cornuta : 3 - Cladonia ramulosa : 1 - Cladonia gracilis subsp. gracilis : 5 - Cladonia squamosa var. subsquamosa : 1 - Cladonia squamosa var. squamosa : 4 - Cladonia uncialis : 1 - Cladonia rangiformis : 1. Définitions de Cladonia coniocraea, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de Cladonia coniocraea, dictionnaire analogique de Cladonia coniocraea (français

94 images in this album on 12 pages : Home: Plant Galleries Back to: Index Gallery: Lichen Gallery Album: Foliose and squamulose lichen Année(s) de réalisation : 2016 Auteur(s) : Michel Bertrand (AFL), Claude Roux (AFL), et agents du Parc national des Écrins Nombre d'espèces et sous-espèces : 208 Les lichens et les champignons lichénicoles sont caractéristiques de ce que l'on appelle la biodiversité négligée, mal connue car difficilement accessible. Ils sont pourtant très diversifiés, avec 3082 espèces d Cladonia furcata ssp. subrangiformis est un taxon caractéristique du Toninion sedifoliae, poussant surtout dans le Cladonietum endiviaefoliae. Cladonia furcata ssp. subrangiformis avec apothécies. 14 juillet 2017 The well-known and widespread lichen species Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. is usually very constant in its chemistry: fumarprotocetraric acid is its main secondary metabolite, sometimes accompanied by atranorin. Recently a new chemical strain, characterised by the presence of psoromic acid instead of fumarprotocetraric acid or atranorin, was found in Portugal by the first two authors during.

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Cladonia furcata is a species of lichen in the family Cladoniaceae. It has an intermediate to tolerant air pollution sensitivity. Extracts of this species have been. Extract of Cladonia furcata was the most active antimicrobial agent with minimum inhibitory concentration values ranging from 0.78 to 25 mg/mL. All extracts were found to be strong anticancer activity toward both cell lines with IC50 values ranging from 8.51 to 40.22 μg/ mL. Conclusions: The present study shows that tested lichen extracts demonstrated a strong antioxidant, antimicrobial and. The Cladonia furcata complex treated here comprises C. farinacea, C. furcata, C. multiformis, C. scabriuscula, C. stereoclada, and C. subrangiformis.The well-known taxonomic complexity of this group is caused by wide phenotypic variation and high morphological similarity among the species, for which reason we investigated the distribution in the phylogeny of the phenotypic characters. Cladonia furcata (Cladonie) Cladonia rangiformis (Cladonie) Daldinia concentrica (Daldinie concentrique) Evernia prunastri (Lichen) Flavoparmelia caperata (Parmélie) Flavoparmelia soredians (Parmélie) Geopora sumneriana (Géopore des cèdres) Helvella crispa (Helvelle crépue) Helvella macropus (Helvelle à long pied) Hypogymnia physodes (Lichen) Hypogymnia tubulosa (Hypogymnia) Hypoxylon. Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad. Apothecia brown, terminal on podetia. Basal squamules evanescent. Podetia 2-8 cm tall, 0.5-2 mm diam., richly branched, axils, open, corticate, esorediate, escypherous; cortex continuous to areolate with or without squamules on podetia. K-, KC-, P+ red. [18965], Australia, New South Wales, Polblue Swamp, Barrington Tops State Forest, 50 km west-north-west of.

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Extract of <it>Cladonia furcata </it>was the most active antimicrobial agent with minimum inhibitory concentration values ranging from 0.78 to 25 mg/mL. All extracts were found to be strong anticancer activity toward both cell lines with IC<sub>50 </sub>values ranging from 8.51 to 40.22 μg/mL.</p> <p>Conclusions</p> <p>The present study shows that tested lichen extracts demonstrated a strong. Cenomyce scabriuscula var. dumosa Delise Cladonia furcata var. asperata Müll. Arg. Cladonia furcata var. gracillima Müll. Arg. Cladonia furcata var. hians Müll. Arg

Choisy M. Note sur cladonia cylindrica (Schaerer) Choisy. In: Bulletin mensuel de la Société linnéenne de Lyon, 24ᵉ 1810, p. 561 (cf. Vainio, 1. c., p. 371, sub Cenomyce furcata var. incrassata Ach. en rapport avec Cl. rangiformis var. muricata (Delise) Arnold. Vainio donne à cette espèce, entre autres synonymes, Cladonia ex¬ terna cylindrica Schaer., Enum. (1840) ; Cl. Hoffmanni. Cladonia furcata; [FiLic, 21] Cladonia glauca Flörke hankotorvijäkäl.

très polymorphe Cladonia furcata subsp. furcata (morpho. furcata) qui se plaît dans une ambiance de lande et pelouse plus ou moins calcifuge, mais aussi de Cladonia gracilis subsp. gracilis ou de Cladonia uncialis subsp. biuncialis dont les pointes deviennent à l'état sec extrêmement cassantes. En faisant le tour de ce bloc erratique . Isatis N° 13 ~ 225 ~ 2013 nous trouvons un lichen. Also some podetia of the very common Cladonia furcata appear here and there among the mosses. After some uphill (we are now at about 1450 m of altitude), the wood thins and some larches and mountain pines appear. In some clearings near the trail, in the best-exposed positions, a dry heath vegetation with Molinia, Vaccinium sp. pl. and Erica carnea is developed (we are on a south-facing slope.

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Catalogue des lichens du Languedoc-Roussillon 129 Bull. Soc. linn. Provence, t. 58, 2007 Cladonia pleurota (Flörke) Schaer. : 34, 48!. Peu commun. Crozals 1913. Résumé Ce travail décrit la flore et la végétation lichéniques de la vallée de l'Eau d'Heure (Belgique). L'inventaire comprend au total 209 espèces de lichens et 6 champignons lichénicoles. Paranectria oropensis est nouveau pour la Belgique et Steinia geophana y a été retrouvé. Buellia ocellata et Verrucaria bryoctona sont nouveaux pour la Wallonie, tandis que Corticifraga.

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Lichens: Pleurosticta acetabulum (Neck.) Elix & Lumbsch, 1988 - 27: 2020: Lichens: Cladonia cervicornis subsp. pulvinata (Sandst.) Ahti, 198 Cladonia ciliata var. tenuis (Flörke) Ahti - Fiche 214; Cladonia crispata (Ach.) Flot. var. crispata - Fiche 215; Cladonia floerkeana (Fr.) Flörke - Fiche 051; Cladonia furcata (Huds.) Schrad., subsp. furcata morpho pinnata - Fiche 135; Cladonia macilenta Hoffm. - Fiche 217; Cladonia pleurota (Flörke) Schaer - Fiche 218; Cladonia portentosa. Cladonia groupe furcata dont C. furcata ss, Cladonia scabriuscula. Cladonia furcata est une espèce essentiellement terricole mais des milieux pas trop acides. Elle est fréquente dans la région. C. scabriuscula se développe sur sol non calcaire, humus, toit de chaume et se rencontre surtout dans la région atlantique. Cladonia gracilis gracilis et C. g. aspera. Cladonies peu ramifiées. Cladonia furcata and Cladonla crispata. BRUCE FINK. After Cladonia fimbriata, perhaps the assemblage of lichens included in the two species in the above title are as troublesome as any. However, Tuckerman, in his treatment of the various forms of these two species, came much nearer to a correct solution than he did with regard to C. fimbriata, the species treated in the last paper of this.

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