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An Opal card reader shows your card balance when you tap on or off. You can also check your balance at a top up machine or an Opal retailer, if you're a registered user, you can also log in to your account or if unregistered, use your Opal card number See your Opal balance and/or activity, apply for a refund, fare adjustment or request a balance transfer to a new card. Check your balance and activity Transfer your balance to another card Refunds and fare adjustment Check the balance on your Opal card. Transfer the balance on your Opal card. Top up. Top up your Opal card online. Top up your Opal card at a service centre. Change. Change the billing details for your Opal account. Change the email address linked with your Opal card. Change the address linked to your Opal card . Stolen or damaged card. Report a lost or stolen Opal card. Related information. Concession Opal cards need to be ordered online so your concession eligibility can be confirmed. Order your Opal card now Learn more: Getting an Opal card; Find an Opal retailer; Order your Opal card today. Adult. if you're 16 years of age, or older, and normally pay full fare Child/Youth. if you're aged 4-15 years old, or a full time NSW/ACT school student aged 16 years or older Senior. Opal cards may also be linked to a credit or debit card, allowing users to top up their balance online or by phone. When linked to a credit or debit card, Opal cards can be configured to automatically top up the balance when it falls below a pre-set amount (auto top up), currently $10. IPART fare review 201

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Use My Opal to track your balance across multiple Opal cards and see your recent journey history across Sydney trains, ferries, buses and light rail. Features include: · Journey history · See how much you paid for each leg of your journey · Display balances for multiple Opal cards registered under your · Fare calculator to work out how much your next trip will cost · Opal Retailer. Opal Card app supports multi user and multiple card balance tracking. By using Opal Card app you can find nearest store location to top up your card. Main Feature: Track multiple accounts and multiple card balance Displays most recent journey transactions Find store locations close to you; get direction to store, to top-up your card Today extension provides information for default card. So called Opal card problems had never came my way. I was an early adopter of the Opal card and I loved it! Easy, auto topped when my balance was low and life was great! I use to pompously snub my nose at the Neanderthals queued on Monday mornings buying their paper tickets while I tapped through on my way to the pepperit office. That was, until the weekend when I tapped on and was told. FYI: If your Opal card has a status of Blocked, don't just email them to transfer the balance. One of the reasons that they will block an Opal card is due to 'suspect' top-ups (I've only ever topped up via the website and the Opal terminals at the train station, so I'm not sure what qualifies as suspect)

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End of 2016 Opal Card reader trickery does not end - Duration: 0:05. Sydney Public Oops! Transport Situations Channel 654 view Savvy airport train travellers buy an Opal card - which requires no up-front deposit - and choose not to register it, and then use the card as normal until the balance is no less than $3.38. At that point they can use the card to travel to Sydney Airport domestic or international stations, exit those stations with their card in negative balance and then simply throw their Opal card away An Opal card can have a maximum negative balance of $20. Until November 2018, the total cumulative amount lost since the Opal card was introduced summed up to about $8 million For instance. you can use the Opal card to pay for the traditional Manly ferry and it is part of the cap but there is also a Manly fast ferry which you can pay for with Opal but it is not included in the cap. Also the station access fee to get from the inside the airport down the escalator to the rail way station platform and airport access fee from the railway station platform back up the.

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  1. Got a ticket today for not having sufficient balance on the opal card (NSW) -was short by a dollar and 40 cents. In the past, there was an instance when the balance went down to about -0.90 cents, but not this time. I will of course appeal. Any thoughts if I'd get away from paying the fine..
  2. Unfortunately, this could leave unused money on cards which cannot be spent as it would cause your Opal card to go negative in balance, and you will not have the ability to view as many past transaction records or block the card if it is lost or stolen. Hint: Registering a card is simple and can be done online after purchasing a card from a retailer, and involves entering the card number into.
  3. If you would like to check the balance on your Opal Card, there are several ways to do so. Whenever you tap off (or when you tap on when catching the Manly ferry) at an Opal card reader, you'll see the remaining balance shown on the reader display. There are also some other options; Online ; By calling 13 67 25 (13 OPAL) Visit an Opal card retailer and ask to check your balance; Tap your.
  4. imum cost is $10 for adult card, $5 for child card. There is NO VALUE in the card itself; all of the
  5. How do I transfer money from my Opal Card? If your card gets lost, stolen or damaged, you'll need to log into your account on a desktop and then select the card you want to transfer the balance of
  6. That's exactly what you get when you use the Gold Opal Card you're eligible for as a Seniors Card member. (Please note: Senior Savers Card holders working more than 20 hours a week in paid employment are not eligible for Gold Opal transport concessions).Your Gold Opal gives you: Unlimited travel for $2.50 a day - get around as much as you want on metro, trains, buses, ferries and light rail in.
  7. my concession opal card arrived yesterday, and every time I try to use it the read says 'balance $0.00'. I've put $40 on the account and registered the card, but the account says that my balance is $0.00 with a $40.00 top-up pending collection

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Nouvelle annonce Ethiopian Opal Rough & Shungite 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Jewelry AP200978. Neuf. 8,53 EUR. Temps restant Il reste 6 j 18 h. 0 enchères. Provenance : États-Unis +8,49 EUR (livraison) J F F Q S p o n P s 1 o O M r i s K E é D. KITTY & HEART NECKLACE PENDANT W/ LAB DIAMONDS & OPAL/ 925 STERLING SILVER /18'' Neuf. 25,59 EUR. Provenance : États-Unis. ou Faire une offre +6,83. We will send you instructions to reset your password. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam or bulk email folder To travel with Opal, all that's required is the minimum balance at time of tap on. The minimum value to tap on with Opal depends on the time of tap on and the mode of transport. For trains, the minimum balance is $2.36 during off-peak and $3.38 during peak hours. For ferries it is $5.74 and for buses or light rail, $2.10 For example, if your current balance is $14 on the card, and you tapped on at Central, it'd drop your balance by $8.40, bringing it to $5.60 and triggering an auto top up with the balance being under $10

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How can I check the balance on my Opal card? The quickest way to check your Opal balance is on the official Opal App. The app is available for iPhone or Android users. What time is off-peak for Opal? When calculating your fare the time of day that you travel is taken into account. Peak times within the Sydney metro area are . 7 am - 9 am; 4 pm - 6.30 pm; Intercity trains like those to the. from Opal card re the minimum balance you need on a card to be able to use it << Yes, the Adult Opal minimum balance to tap on for trains is $3.38 peak and $2.36 off-peak; for Sydney Ferries $5.74; and for buses and light rail it's $2.10. If you are travelling to or from the Sydney Domestic airport or International Airport Stations you'll need an additional $13.40 to cover the station access.

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  1. Answer 1 of 53: Beware! We purchased Opal Cards on the internet prior to leaving the USA for a trip to Sydney. The Opal Card is like a debit card used to purchase all types of transportation, i.e. buses, trains, ferries, etc. Just hop on hop off and scan the..
  2. utes to activate from the time of completing the activation process. You'll need to have credit on your card before you can use it on public transport. Links . All about Opal cards. Related transactions. Top up your Opal card online; Link an existing Opal card.
  3. imum required balances for travel, it's possible for your Opal card to fall into having a negative balance

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of travelling with Opal is that the balance of a registered Opal card is protected and can be transferred to new Opal card. Just remember to report any loss or theft of your card immediately by calling 13 67 25 (13 OPAL). I have a disability, have you done anything to make it easier for me to use Opal? Opal has been designed with the needs of a diverse range of customers in mind. To achieve. Opal Card Tap on error, 'Balance too low -$1.40' - Duration: 0:06. Transport Situations Channel 1,154 views. 0:06. Transfer? Opal Card Barrier Mounted Reader Display Screen Message - Duration. Opal cards can also be ordered online at www.opal.com.au, but this is primarily targeted at Sydney residents as they will take a week to come and have a $40 minimum balance loaded on to the card. If when you are tagging off you don't get a 'tone', phone 13OPAL and they'll adjust your trip 24/7 Remote top up (including auto top up) collected by presentation of card. Opal card balance displays. Fare deducted at tap off and exit allowed. The reader displays the : - Remote top up or auto load value activated by presentation of Opal card - fare paid for the journey - remaining Opal card balance . Balance too low Tap on is not successful as Opal card balance is below the minimum. Opal is a 'card is king' system. Your balance is stored on the card itself. The 'smart' in 'smart card' isn't the ticketing application, it's the security features that allow a cash balance to be stored on the card and be reasonably sure that 3rd parties can't tamper with it. Hence online top-ups (including balance transfers, etc) have to be 'collected' at a reader which updates the balance.

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I along with a couple of my friends visited Sydney this past weekend. (The whole visit was bloody amazing. Sydney, Ya Beauty!!!). We had got Opal cards for our travel but we ended up with a lot of extra money in them (a combined amount amounting to $60) They can carry Opal card readers to check your balance, recent transaction history and the card type (e.g. Adult, Senior/Pensioner, Concession or Child/Youth). Depending on the circumstances, they have the authority to issue an official caution. While this does not require the payment of a penalty notice, your details will be recorded and a penalty notice may be issued if you are found to be. The Herald's Opal card screen shows a negative balance. The card was topped up, not discarded, following the experiment. Users could abuse the system to the tune of $15.24 on a train journey from.

Opal Card balance too low - Duration: 0:03. Beau Giles 1,316 views. 0:03. Opal Card tapping on an off - Duration: 0:17. Media and Transport Channel 3,785 views. 0:17. Opal Card Single Use Tap On. But no refunds on unused balance on the Opal card so kinda balances out. And you will still need to pull out your Opal card to use on the transport. Reply. Report inappropriate content . OZRCFLYER. Oz. Level Contributor . 17,628 posts. 43 reviews. 22 helpful votes. 2. Re: Opal Card . Dec 13, 2019, 6:14 PM. Save. Hi, >>We will be taking the train to the Blue Mountains(not on Sunday),<< https.

And it's an increasing problem, with the Audit Office report stating the number of Opal cards with negative balances had increased from 363,000 during 2015-16 (with a negative balance of $1.3. Opal Travel is the official app for managing your travel across the Opal network in Sydney and greater New South Wales. Use the app to add value to your Opal card remotely, enable and edit auto top ups, view your travel history and access other useful public transport information, all on your iPhone

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A customer doesn't have to worry if they lose their card - simply cancel the card and their balance will be transferred to a new card and mailed out to them; Set the Opal card to auto top up, just like having an e-tag in your pocket; Customers who travel more than 8 paid journeys in a week will get free trips after that for the rest of the week, like any other Opal customer. Click here to. This new policy is to prevent the practice of people buying an Opal card with $10 balance at the airport, tapping off in negative balance, throwing out the card and buying a new one for the. mean that the existing features of the Opal card that are valued by customers, such as daily and weekly caps, the travel reward, and the transfer rebate, could remain in place. Changes will need to be made to the Opal Connect platform, and as a result, these passes are unlikely to be available immediately. Maximum Opal ares to 0 IPART.NSW.G.A 0

The card will then hold a negative balance that will be subtracted from the total amount added when the card is next topped up. However, scores of passengers are paying less than the full fare and. why the balance in my opal card shows zero. i came from shanghai and my teacher told us to buy a opal card. i bought a 50 dollars. but i found that the balance is zero on the opal.com.au. and it also showed that this card was registered but i never registered it. what's wrong with it How to load up and check your Opal Card balance. View this post on Instagram. topping up his #opalcard #trainday #sydneytrain #travellingwithmybaby #shoppingwithmyloves #hesabigboynow #mumlife ️ . A post shared by Tina C-Baker (@twocheekysiblings) on Jan 27, 2018 at 4:53pm PST. Your balance is displayed on the screen of the card reader every time you use the card which is a nice way to stay. An Opal card can hold maximum $20 negative balance. Beau Giles https://bit.ly/2ya538m Contactless payments. Unlike other Australian cities, New South Wales does not charge customers a fee for acquiring new Opal cards. The production costs of the cards, including those used by tourists, are covered by taxpayers Learn more about Balance Transfer cards: http://bit.ly/2v2Vkjk [ Blog Post ] https://bit.ly/2X4AnTL Get 2 Free Stocks on WeBull when you deposit $100: http..

We have three adult Opal cards with 10.40 balance each. We are in north Sydney area. How can we best use the money. I dont think there is a possibility of refund. We will go to airport.but then today's cap is 2.50 or something. And funds aren't enough to pay the airport tax.not sure if we can pay airport fees using opal card. Please advise. Thanks very much. We have had a wonderful 16 days in. Tap 3, Remember this reader? It now has the logos. Also note the '3 dings' when 'Low balance' is displayed Opal Balance by Peter Van Hoesen, released 11 February 2019 1. Gadarene 2. Kres 3. Opal Balance 4. Trench Opal Balance is the inaugural EP on Peter Van Hoesen's new Center 91 imprint, which will host a series of releases in 2019. Via this newly launched platform, Peter Van Hoesen looks back towards his own experiences of the late 90s Belgian underground, extrapolating references from the. Checking the balance of an Opal card General Opal card enquiries. A standalone website www.opal.com.au will provide Customers with a wide range of services. Customers accessing the Opal website on mobile devices will automatically be redirected to the Opal mobile website www.m.opal.com.au. Opal Support Guide | A2379440 | 11.1.18 17 V4.6 11 Customer Channels ) u * s * p-s p General information.

A commuter who has linked his or her Opal card with the 'auto top up' option activated has the card automatically recharged once the balance falls to $10 - meaning that $10 in value can never be spent by the Opal card's owner. With more than two million Opal cards in use, and at least 50 per cent of these set to 'auto top up', the Baird Liberal Government has been secretly. Opal card balance $0.00 Status Enabled . And in the recent history: Your Opal card 30XXXXXXXXX has no recent activities. Is this normal ? Why the $10 top up isn't showing ? User #289805 5757 posts. abcd12345. Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: whrl.pl/ReimQm. posted 2015-May-8, 1:31 pm AEST edited 2015-May-8, 2:03 pm AEST. ref: whrl.pl/ReimQm. posted 2015-May-8, 1:31 pm AEST (edited 2015-May.

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Since the weekly (Mon-Sun) is capped at $50, can I just load $50 on the Opal card and not have to worry about topping off during my stay? Say for the first 3 days I hit the daily cap of $16.10, will the system let me tap on with a remaining balance of $1.70? Or am I not understanding how the daily/weekly caps work. Also read about the weekly reward where the fares are half price once you pay. Sydney train passengers with new cards will need to load them with at least $35 to travel to and from the city's airport in a bid to stop them skipping out on fares

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opal pro check top up opal card free download - Opal-Convert VCF to CSV to VCF (vCard), Opal-Convert Excel to vCard to Excel, Top Up Pro - Mobile Recharge Application, and many more program Sadly, there wasn't any way out of this short of blocking the old card as a defective card (i.e. what they do when it's reported lost/stolen) and reissuing a new card by post which requires activation, with the consolidated balance on the new card. As a result, I will be out of an Opal card for a few days, even with their promise to dispatch it by express. After finalizing the call, the e. Answer 1 of 5: Is there an expiry for the Opal Card? How long can I keep it before it is deactivated, assuming I might visit Sydney and use it again in future? Thanks an Opal card can be used, and are operated under a passenger service contract or bus service contract with Transport for NSW (TfNSW): balance between affordability, the impact on patronage--and what this would mean for crowding and road congestion--and the level of cost recovery. We set maximum fares under the Passenger Transport Act, which sets out the list of matters we must consider The. If your Opal card is cancelled or expired, you must claim a refund or request a balance transfer within 90 days from when your Opal card expired. If you don't make a claim, you will forfeit the.

There are also some other options; Online; By calling 13 67 25 (13 OPAL) Visit an Opal card retailer and ask to check your balance; Tap your card at an Opal card top up/vending machine Worthwhile App I found this app very good and as my wife and I are pensioners it is accurate. <br> <br>Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.Up to six family members will be able to use this app with. Answer 1 of 14: Hi ! Today is our last day in Sydney (and Australia). We have three adult Opal cards with 10.40 balance each. We are in north Sydney area. How can we best use the money. I dont think there is a possibility of refund. We will go to airport.but then.. With auto top up, when your Opal card balance falls below a pre-set amount, it will top up automatically, similar to an e-tag. Manual top up. Top up manually online* By calling 13 67 25 (13 OPAL) * + * Please note that a top up by phone or online may take up to 60 minutes to take effect. + Once value is added you must present your card to an Opal reader within 60 days or your top up value will.

Opal Card app in an utility app that helps in Opal card balance tracking. By using Opal Card app you can find nearest store location to top up your card. Main Feature: Track multiple accounts and multiple card balance; Displays most recent journey transactions; Find store locations close to you; get direction to store, to top-up your card ; Today extension provides information for default card. It means tourists had been able to buy an Opal card with $10 balance at the airport and tap-off in negative balance, due to a $14.30 added airport fee. They could then throw out the card and buy a. No, there is no charge for the Opal card - but a minimum initial balance of $35 at the airport 0. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. pink845 pink845 Cool Cruiser; January 24, 2014; 494 posts; Canada #24; Posted January 28. Ok, thanks Lissie. So we are going to be there M to F. Do we simply just put the weekly maximum - what would that be $60 dollars plus the $14.87 Airport.

I know that you can tap on bus/train/ferry if you have the minimum fare amount, even if you don't have enough for the full fare and you're left with a negative balance. Does this work for going to the airport? I know there is that special airport fee. I have $10 left on my opal card- can I use. As long as you pay off the balance of your credit card each month and avoid collecting interest on your Opal card top ups, it's an easy way to get rewarded for tapping on and off each day.

The Opal card for children/youth is for children aged 4 to 15 years inclusively - it is an easy, convenient way of paying for your travel on public transport. It's the only card you'll need to get around on all public transport including trains, ferries, buses and light rail. The fares when using the Opal card for children/youth are usually 50% of the adult fares. The Opal card is the only. Yes, the opal card reader where u tapped off has a display showing the balance. If you have a smartphone with NFC, like Galaxy S5, u can download the Opal Travel app, and tap the card onto the back of the phone and the app will show u the trips/journeys made and the balance Opal Card App - Opalapp Top up your Opal card, check your balance and travel history from your this app. by Opalapp This app is currently not active on Google Play. 1+ Thousand Downloads PREMIUM. Est. downloads PREMIUM. Recent d/loads 3.71 99 Rating Unranked Ranking 13 Libraries 4.0.3+ Android version 1/25/16 Last updated 2014 September App age 3.70 MB App size Everyone Content rating $0.99.

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Opal card readers are placed inside the doors of a bus, and customers will need to tap on when they board the bus, and tap off when leaving the bus. Tapping off buses will be a new behaviour for people to get used to, but this has been easily adopted by customers in cities like Brisbane and Perth, Ms Berejiklian said But if you've ever lost an Opal Card or you need to transition to a full-fare adult card, you don't need to forfeit your remaining balance. Here's how you can transfer your money to another card Opal card or Opal single trip ticket to travel on public transport in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter, Illawarra and Southern Highlands. As with the MyBus TravelTen tickets, refunds will also be available for unused MyFerry TravelTen trips. Applications must be received by 30 October 2016. August 2016 . 5) How to apply for a Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal Card: Applications can. The upgrades will save Transport for NSW a lot of cash, given recent figures from the state's Audit Office revealed a whopping $7.8 million revenue has been lost from negative balance Opal cards. As much as $3.8 million of that was during the 2017-18 financial year alone. Most of the passengers turfing Opal cards with negative balances are doing so at the airport stations Compulsory use of Opal cards is right around the corner, yet there is still no app support for Sydney travellers. Most New South Wales residents will be aware by now that magnetic tickets are on the way out and Opal cards are in. From September first, old tickets will no longer be sold. It's going to be an interesting time, considering that Opal cards cannot be bought from train stations.

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  1. Once users have scanned their Opal card through the app, they will get access to their balance, weekly travel rewards, details of their last tap, the card number (which can be found on the card.
  2. Opals are one of October's birthstones, and we round up the best luxury opal rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in honor of the beautiful gemstone
  3. Currently you are unable to add an Opal Card to Apple Wallet. This is technically possible in iOS12 and above and should be implemented for the reasons below. IMPORTANT: This is NOT the same as using a Credit Card within Apple Wallet on an Opal Card Reader. This petition is for the ability to add your Opal Card itself to Apple Wallet
  4. imum balance of $3.54 for a peak fare
  5. Opal Card: Can I Transfer When I Have Lower than Minimum Balance? Opal Card - NSW Government: 15: scrypton. 12/05/2017. zevious. 16/09/2019. Is it Possible to Change the Opal Login Username? Opal Card - NSW Government: 5: BunnyDownDog. 06/06/2019. OzJD. 07/06/2019. No more 10% Opal discount using Woolworths Platinum credit card? Woolworths Money: 1: BruceLee . 30/04/2019. Neoika. 30/04/2019.
  6. When you tap on before you get on a ferry or train or when you board a bus, the Opal card reader screen will display one of three responses:. A green light, a tick and the 'OK' audio tone (1 ding) means your tap off has been successful; A flashing amber light, an exclamation mark and the 'Alert' audio tone (3 dings) means your tap on has been successful but your balance is getting lo
  7. Your Opal card's day continues until 0359 (3.59am) the next morning. So you can continue to travel on NightRide services on your daily capped fare provided you board the bus before it clicks over to a new day at 0400 (4.00am). Where to Buy Your Opal Card Travel Pass. You can buy Opal cards at these Transport Customer Centres. Most accept only.

Depending on your trip your Opal card may go into a negative balance. If so you will need to add value to your Opal card in order to tap on and travel again. LOL. I did not ask them if I could tap off. I asked them if I could tap on the second bus. Question not answered. retiredfeline on 13/05/2017 - 00:26 . If you are a long term user, there is negligible effect in the long run, you pay the. Sydney transport users no longer need an Opal card to tap on to buses, which have joined the network's ferries, trains and light rail in going contactless When you use your card at Woolworths, which includes when you top up your Opal card balance, you can earn 2 points for each dollar you spend. Points never expire and there's no cap and you'll. Can I use Apple Pay to tap on / off on Opal in NSW? Yes, you can use your Westpac Mastercard in your Apple Pay wallet to tap on and off at Opal readers across the Opal Network in NSW. Importantly, you must tap on and off using the same Westpac eligible card and the same eligible Apple device, to ensure the correct fare is charged

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Password: * Opal. Logi Opal Collection Gift Card. Please select amount between $25 - $1,000. Or, select Other Amount and enter a value between $25 and $1,000. Give the gift of travel. This card is valid for redemption at The Samoset Resort and participating Opal Collection hotels and resorts. **Note there is a $10 delivery fee for all orders under $250** **If selecting to hold card at desk the final balance. Check the actual card balance on the website or the app, it will tell you if it is waiting collection. Reply. Report inappropriate content . CharleneG1. Melbourne, Australia. 1 post. 1 review . 6. Re: Opal cards . Dec. 14, 2019, 2:18 a.m. Save. Speak to your credit card company and ask to do a chargeback. You will need to explain to your credit card company what has happened, make sure you. Opal cards have a smart chip which store a dollar value and limited travel history, the last five to seven trips. However, personal information collected as part of the application for a Gold Opal. this balance can be transferred to another card. Notify OPAL card as soon as possible. 8) There are no fees for topping up your balance on-line or by phone or at OPAL card retailers using cash, but if you use your credit or debit card to top up at a retail outlet, they may charge a service fee. For a list of other OPAL card retailers in you

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Sydney communters - This is a good way of combining two deals to top up your OPAL Card. Simply top up $100 at Woolworths and get bonus $10 for next shop (top up the extra $10 immediately if you want) If on ING/ME bank 5%, don't forget to pay in $1 cash, then rest on pay pass for 5% discount To order a Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card customers can call 13 67 25 (13 OPAL) or visit the Opal website at www.opal.com.au - it takes only minutes to apply, and then it takes about one week for the card to be mailed out to the customer's home. Ms Berejiklian said Opal information kiosks will be located at major shopping centres and some CBD train stations in coming weeks to assist those. Answer 1 of 11: Do i need an opal card to use train from sydney airport to city? If so can i purchase opal card at airport It's also important to factor your Opal budget into your repayments to ensure you're paying your balance in full each month if you're using a credit card. Any interest you collect on your. ページ中央にある Register my Opal card to protect my balance をクリックします。 3. 小さなフレームが飛び出るので、中央のテキストボックスに カード番号 を入力してContinueをクリックします。 (カード番号はカード裏面下部にある16桁の数字です) 4. テキストボックスに セキュリティコード を入力して.

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